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As you can view, if rates increase anywhere near just what the FOMC expects and bank of america banking online of America returns to its historical 40% to 50% payout ratio, then dividend growth on the next four years might be spectacular. The - Street Ratings rated this stock as a "buy" using a ratings score of B+. Start a no cost seven-day trial of Premium Membership to Guru - Focus. With an almost 17% drop for that stock this season, Bof - A has already established the poorest showing among all major banks inside United States, looking like a dud in comparison with BB&T, Citigroup, Fifth Third Bancorp and PNC Bank. 11, started a pattern of lower peaks reducing troughs, that your century-old Dow Theory of market analysis says defines a downtrend. Me keep it and paying them off fully every month like I also have, or boycotting them.